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14 Mar 2017

7 Ways to break a Bad Habit

We are being of habits. Any action you engage in for 7 times tends to be formed as a habit. Notwithstanding, there are good habits and bad habit. There are habits when formed help you to reach you goal faster and easier, and work seems to be a pleasure and not stressful task. But those habits that pose as a threat to your well-being, that give you momentary relief and very toxic on the long run must be dealt with.

If you find yourself in the web of bad habits that sticks so badly, these 7 ways can help you break away from it.

Desire to break it

It is one thing to know that a habit is toxic to your life and another thing to have a genuine desire to break the habit. You must desire to break this habit so badly as your desire water if you have been thirsty for a long time. Desire is the very first step in the quest to break a bad habit.

Determine to let it go

Well, the truth is, if you don't have enough determination to break this undesired habits it will stick around forever. You have to understand that for days, months or years you have consistently fed this habit to make it as strong as it is in your life, so you have to starve it by disengaging in it. The longer you do this, the weaker the desire to indulge in it.

Be Consistent in Your fight

In any case, and for no reason must you be discouraged to give in. Be consistent in this fight. Consistent engagement in such activities formed the habits, and you must recognize that the same process is needed to break it. You've got to be consistent if you really want to break from this.

Develop Faith your Ability to Win

It seems easier to live in fear, but you've got to have faith in your ability to overcome. Funny enough, fear is a negative version of fear. Faith and fear work with the same principle, but while fear is spontaneous, faith requires a conscious effort. Knowing that you can overcome will guarantee success at the end.

Take Necessary Action

Having faith is never enough. You have to take appropriate actions to effectively eradicate any undesired habit. For instance, if you are given to eating junk food which resulted to overweight, you don't just have a mental attitude of Faith. No! It must be adequately backed up with action for you to see a lasting result in that direction. You must take action in working out on a weekly or daily basis. You must take action in dealing with the type and content of food you eat on daily basis. Do not give in to temptation.

I repeat, Do not give in to temptation

Replace the Bad Habit with Good Ones

You have to understand that you cannot effectively recover from bad habit if the vacuum created by breaking it is not repeat by equivalent behavior. You must endeavor to find a positive behavior to replace that bad behavior. The new behavior must be one that channels you towards the achievement of your life prospect and vision.

Reward Yourself

Finally, you have constantly reward yourself each time you conquer the desire to indulge in the bad habit. There is something about reward which is important in this case, it give you a sense of well-being and that joy of conquest. Don't joke with this; it helps.

Meditate and practice this principle and see you life get better for good.

About the Author

Raphael Nweke is Electrical and Computer Engineer, an IT Specialist, Business Developer and Career development consultant. The CEO of Kalysoft Enterprise, an ICT consult firm.



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