7 Tips on Becoming a Likeable Person

Who doesn’t want to be liked by everybody? We all want to enter a room and notice that people’s faces light up with smiles when they see us. We all want people to want to be drawn to us and interact with us.

Likeable people tend to have more friends, they are the life o any gathering and they bring enthusiasm to a place. Yea we all know there definitely will be some people who won’t like you, no matter what you do, but who cares, your job is to be as nice as you can be. It’s left for them to either love or hate you.

So here goes, seven tips to follow to be likeable

1. Be real: nobody wants to be friends with a fake person. Don’t become someone you aren’t because you want people to like you. Learn to be comfortable with what you are. Let people know that what they see is what they get, no drama!!  People become more comfortable with you when they realize you are not pretending to be someone or something you are not. They tend to trust you more.

2. Don’t be judgemental: No one wants to have a conversation with somebody that will start judging them even before they finish telling their story. Be open-minded. When people notice you are open-minded, you become more approachable and they will want to tell you things. They would want to talk to you because they know you will understand and try to see from their point of view even though you don’t necessarily agree with them.

3. Be confident: Everybody likes a confident person, someone who is secure in whom they are and doesn’t care about what society thinks or says. People become drawn to you because in reality, they want some of that confidence to rub off on them.

4. Be a good listener: To be a good listener, you have to actually focus on what the person is saying, the words and meaning they are trying to convey not just focusing on what you will reply or how you will be affected by what is being said. Pay attention, ask questions. When you ask questions, it shows that you are actually listening and care about what they are saying.  It will make them feel important and they will also believe that what they are saying is important to you.

5. Learn to smile: A smile costs nothing, so give freely as it has been given unto you. People feel welcome when you bestow a smile on them. It gives them this warm feeling and before you know it, they are smiling back at you.  Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is constantly frowning.

6. Learn to address people by their names: A person’s name is an important part of themselves. When you meet new people, ask them for their names and make sure you consistently use their names while addressing them. When you remember people’s names, they feel important and trust me, feeling important is a very good feeling. Who wouldn’t want to be close to someone who makes them feel good?

7. Add value:  You know that feeling when you are telling someone your problem and all of a sudden they just drop one advice that seems like the perfect solution, that feeling of gratitude it evokes in you. Yes people like people who are ready to give solutions to their problems. Everybody has one problem or the other and they won’t reject any idea that might seem like a solution. People like people who notice that they are battling with problems and are ready to stand with them through thick and thin.

Practice these tips and watch your likeability level rise!!

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