How To Get An Awesome Internship

WHILE Internship has been a sure way for recent graduate to acquire the needed experience in regard to their dream job, getting awesome placement seems to be a pressing problem with both prospective Undergraduate interns and Graduate interns.

In this article, I am going to be pointing out ways you should take to land a befitting internship with target companies. With the wealth of my experience as an intern, having worked with a number of high profile firms, I believe the step will properly guide any would-be interns in scoring the best internship position available to both Graduate and Undergraduate.

The steps are very simple and must be acted on to yield fruit:

  • Do you research

The problem with most student or recent graduate has always been laziness. To get the internship with the Organisation of choice, you have to first know what you want, the industry you desire, and internship package each company within the industry offers. When you are well researched, getting an awesome internship is usually the end result.

  • Take immediate action when you get a lead

The next step is to get to work. Now you have all the relevant information you need based on your research, it is time to get you hand dirty by applying to as many as you can find. When you get a lead, follow it up it as aggressive as possible until it turns to an offer.

  • Prepare for the interview

When preparation meet opportunity, goals are gotten. Now, you have a lead which resulted to an invitation for a test, presentation or oral interview, you have got to prepare thoroughly. Read all you can get about the company and the industry. Most information you need to know about a particular firm is always presented in their website and you need to look into it. This step is very imperative.

  • Say you’re ready to start immediately.

During the interview, you are likely to be asked if you can start immediately. Your answer should be 'YES'. This gives the interviewer a sense that you are ready and passionate about the work. Remember, most firms use the internship program to groom and train prospective employee. Whether pay or unpaid, internship is very necessary and helpful in sharpening you skill set.

With this steps, you are guaranteed of an awesome internship. Do not forget to share.

About the Author

 Raphael Nweke is Electrical and Computer Engineer, an IT Specialist, Business Developer and Career development consultant. The CEO of Kalysoft Enterprise, an ICT consult firm.