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27 Dec 2016

How to Study Faster and Retain More Information

Have you heard about Feynman Technique?

Most people uses this technique without consciously knowing its value. Some have discovered by teaching people a particle thing, they understand it more than mere studying the subject. This is called The Feynman Technique. It is a powerful tool for learning faster and easier, and retaining more information.

We need to implement a more “active” way of learning, which obviously takes a lot more work than it sounds. Ideally, when you write down what you are studying, you’d also repeat what you wrote aloud, like a teacher instructing a class. With this method, you discover all the areas that need improvement and can go back to focus on those weak points. Repeat this until you can explain the topic or idea in full and simple details. “Once you can explain an idea in simple language, you have deeply understood it, and will remember it for a long time,”.

Stephanie Lee, who discovered and used this technique gave her testimony:

"I discovered a very similar system for myself back in college. I went through high school doing nothing and getting by so I screwed myself thoroughly on learning actual techniques and practices for studying. When I got to college, I suffered greatly (in terms of grades) for a long time till I figured it out.Taking notes from class and texts, retyping them in more coherent ways, and presenting them (to my empty room) was exactly how I turned it around. Sadly, it wasn’t in time to graduate with a GPA that wasn’t embarrassing, but it got me across the finish line.The happy ending, as a middle-aged man getting my master’s degree finally, I’m doing very well. Learn it early!"You can start learning more actively with this technique..

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