My Valentine story – he loves me but I love another.

My name is Jane, an undergraduate studying English Language. The story I am about to share with you is my story – my Valentine story. Why do I choose to call it my Val story? It is story of fight for love. As we all know Val has the connotation of love and in each Valentine Day – fondly called Lovers Day – lovers exchange pleasantry, card, and all sort of gift to show their affection and romantic commitment to each other.

I sincerely hope that by the end of this story, you will be able to advise me reasonably on my predicament. Meanwhile I wish all a sweet and lovely Valentine’s Day.

It all started in my first year in the university. I met this guy called Chris. He is a good guy, intelligent, sweet and very funny but he has a shy attitude – my observation – though he never told me. 

We do go out together, study and play together – he loves to play. As time progressed, I become fond of him. In fact I fell in love with Chris. I dreamed about him. He’s the last thought I always have before night rest. To be frank, I was obsessed with him. They said “you closest is your dearest”. Perhaps, this is the reason why I am feeling this way for him – we’re very close.

I can easily read a person; that is one of my God-given talents. From my calculation of Chris’ behavior toward me, I concluded that he loves me as I love him. Unfortunately, he hasn’t told me so; perhaps, he’s too shy to do that. I wanted him to open up, to tell me how much he desired me, how much love he had for me. I waited and waited, my expectation is nowhere at sight. I was tempted to give because I couldn’t wait any longer.

During this time of waiting came a cute tall boy called John. John was good looking too and has this charisma – he’s good with words and seems to have a Bachelor Degree in wooing a lady. He approached me for the first time in class, and started rapping. I loved his rap. He praised me and my physical attribute. Meanwhile, I know I am very pretty and the dream of most young men. I also know I have what it takes to attract any good looking man because I got it front and back, if you know what I mean.

John praises me on these qualities and leaves me dumb-founded, blushing and happy. I guess Divinity wanted to compensate me for Chris, since he didn’t have the guts to open up to me. I feel secure with John but I don’t love him. I just like his charisma. My heart pounds for Chris.  “Why on earth should Chris lacks the gut to tell me what he feels for me?” I thought. “He should man up” I wished.

One fateful day, John asked me out; on hearing that I felt so happy, and sad – because of Chris. However, I decided to make out with John. I do hear “when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable”. That was my fate.

As time progress, it seems obvious to Chris that John and I are together. The anger in his face cannot be hidden. It was then that I realized that Chris actually loves me and I love him too. Every time he sees us together he leaves the place, may be he’s jealous.

It was a very memorable day for me, when Chris actually manned up to tell me what he felt for me and he’s afraid that he’s about to lose who he cherished so much. On hearing that confirmation of his ardent love for me, joy enveloped my heart but set a huge confusion within me. Should I leave John for Chris? John hasn’t done anything wrong, in as much as I don’t feel much for him. I am madly in love with Chris, and John loves me.

Please my readers, I am in a drastic state of confusion. What would you advise me to do?


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    1. If John is the way forward, Why do you think so, Nwagbara David.

  2. though dis is coming late Bt I hope it gets u in gud faith cos I recently started following dis blog.
    1. der is dis diff wen u knw u love som1 n wen u feel somtin for som1. d truth is u really love Chris, Bt u feel somtin for Chris cos of his charisma, his boldness n alot of tinz dat I know u dint get to mention. believe me swty wen I say I av bin der if nt maybe I do it. lemme explain, wen trying to woo a lady, I nid to do somtin diff from wat oda guys do, somtin diff like babe u e beautifully made, bla bla bla n so on. I nid to come up wif somtin diff n unique dat wl send ur brain in a whirl wind of joy n confusion. creating a first impression dat wl blow ur mind.
    2. somtyms I do tell gals dat u knw who u love Bt dat doesn't mean dat ppl (guys) who will make ur mind fray from d impo person n purpose wl always be der. n just like u said, u r beautiful.
    3. without mincing words, I wl tell u,u already knw wer ur hrt is, safe n sound Bt u r contemplating whether u can let go of d gud tinz u r enjoying from d other person. don't let infatuation cloud ur judgement. don't be confused
    4. go for wat u want even if it takes time. d world today is changing dat u av gat no time to waste


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