Fruit Salad – Health Benefit and Recipe

Do you enjoy taking banana, orange, orange, apple, and berry? What if you combine these fruits and others to enjoy a great tasty food with rich health benefit?

Fruit salad is a mixture of different type of chopped fruit served in syrup or juice. In as much as eating this individual fruit that make up the fruit salad offers a great nutritional benefit; you don’t just get a wider variety of nutrients by eating more fruits.
The nutrient available in this fruit works together to produce even more powerful health benefits than any single fruit could alone. Let’s think of it like compounding interest; but in this case with fruit.
This is a family favorite that is a ‘must-have’ and ‘must-eat’ at every holiday, especially at Christmas season.

Now, let’s know the ingredient needed to prepare a fruit salad:


·       Pineapple – peeled and chopped.
·       Watermelon – chopped and seed removed.
·       Apple – chopped.
·       Oranges – peeled and chopped.
·       Paw paw – peeled and chopped.
·       Strawberries – hulled and copped.
·       Banana – peeled and chopped.
·       Lime juice or any other fruit juice.
·       Liquid milk if available.


You could use other fruit in season such as mango, blueberries, etc. Fruit salad is best eaten the day it’s made otherwise it will become soggy – soaked with moisture.


  • ·     Wash and slice up all the fruit into tiny cubes – except the contrasting fruit such as strawberries place in a mixing bowl. 
  •        Arrange them in layers in the mixing bowl so that they are evenly distributed when you dish out. 
  •       Drizzle the lime juice over the mixture, and chilled fruit juice or milk and gently stir to combine.


You can also use sugar sprinkle over the sugar to enhance sweetness if need be. This is particularly suitable for the Christmas and Easter season.


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